We attract potential customers to your business through Social Media Ads

We can help you if…

You think your business is not having the expected outcomes

You believe your company is not well known by your target audience

Technology and the internet overwhelm you and, it’s complicated for you

You want to stop worrying about your company’s digital marketing and advertising

How we work


We meet via videoconference with you.

First, we will do a video conference with you to get to deeply know your company, product or service, and clients.


We profile your ideal customer.

After the first meeting, we get to work by creating what is termed the avatar of your ideal customer. This avatar includes where your client buys, their geographic zone, internet views, used language, their biggest pain points, and what about your product or service attracts their attention.


We tell you how many potential clients your business has with accuracy.

With the avatar information of your ideal customer, we calculate the number of people who meet that profile on Facebook or Instagram.


We design the digital marketing strategy.

This is the creative part and what really justifies hiring us. Here we squeeze our brains out for making your business advertising PRECISE, TIMELY AND EFFECTIVE:

  • PRECISE: for your ad to be seen only by the person interested in your product or service.
  • TIMELY: for your ad to be shown to the user without disturbing and when they are ready to buy.
  • EFFECTIVE: for you to see that your investment is worthy and that we are reliable.


We get started with the ad campaigns.

We materialize all of our ideas with incredible ads for Facebook and Instagram ads to grab your potential customer.


We optimize the campaigns using Artificial Intelligence.

Every month we review the ad campaigns in progress. We update, deactivate, and create new ads. To adjust every campaign parameter, we analyze the results with artificial intelligence techniques.

Goals that you can achieve with our campaigns

By the time of defining your ad campaigns, we can guide ourselves on your prioritized commercial objective. This way, the longer the campaign has been running, the more AI algorithms learn and the better it works. It’s not magic. It’s science.

These are the objectives which we can orient ourselves:


To announce your company to the majority of potential clients for your business.

Store visits

Make your nearby potential clients visit your physical store.


Get your potential clients to add products to the cart or final selling products.


Visits to your website, user records, and contact requests.


Conversations with potential clients via WhatsApp or Messenger.


Get the customers to repeat or show them offers aimed at loyalty.

Why we believe in Social Media Ads

For its preciseness

Social media ads help us to define to whom direct.

For its low cost

With a relatively small budget, we can reach a high number of people.

It doesn’t disturb

Social media ads are shown only during a time without stopping the customer from what they were doing.

For its degree of customization

We can adjust the message to all kinds of people in function to their likes, expectations, and internet activity.

For its creativity

We use multiple formats to announce ourselves (images, videos, presentations, interactive ads, and others)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I don’t have a website nor social media. Could I do advertising with you?

Yes, without any problem. We don’t need a website to advertise your company on social media. If you don’t have social media profiles, we will make sure to create them to announce you.

Another company runs my website and positioning. Can I work with you?

Sure thing! We don’t have technology dependence on your web and, we are not going to interfere with the company that runs your website. The same applies if you have a web positioning service contract with the same or a different company.

How long does it take to see the results?

Since the first month. Very likely that you’re going to see the results since the first day the advertising is launch. In a certain way, this will also depend on your business.

How do I know that the ad is running and you are not tricking me?

We are going to use social media profiles where you have control. Meaning that you will be the first person to see any contact or product request. Nonetheless, transparency is distinguished for Bukimedia and, we are going to send you a link where you can see the ads being launched in real-time.

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